Converting Presses

Custom Converting Press Laminate, Re-Register Die Cut, Sheet

his machine is designed to laminate and perform Re-Register Rotary Die Cutting on pre-printed products.

Auto Register on the Rotary Die Cutter is so finely tuned that the machine can start and stop without losing register.

This precision makes it possible to process sequentially numbered products without losing the sequence.

Either linered or self-wound laminates can be applied to the pre-printed web.

After matrix stripping, the finished product can either be rewound or sheeted.

The Rotary Sheeter is also controlled with Auto-Register.

Other machine features include a Splice Table, Lateral Die Adjustment, and Die Pressure Monitor.

A safety light curtain allows access to the control console, but prevents reaching into the process zone.

The built-in die hoist makes changing tools safe and easy.

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