Miscellaneous Ancillaries

Telstar’s Auto Level Ink Pump

Our auto level ink pump is designed to automatically maintain the proper amount of ink in the interior of rotary screens and ink pans freeing the operator for more important tasks.

The unit incorporates a small air tube that mounts to the squeegee holder or pan sensing the presence of ink.

Integration with the run circuit of the press enables automatic operation.

Manual operation is possible through a three-position switch on the face panel.

An industrial duty 1/3 HP motor drives a Graymills peristaltic tubing pump easily moving heavy-bodied screen ink and varnishes.

Clean-up is easy by reversing the pump to reclaim ink in the screen and hose.

The hose can be rinsed or disposed.

The unit comes complete with legs that allow for drawing ink directly from a pail.

Mounting flanges on the rear edge of the cabinet accommodate wall mounting.

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